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Angela D. Moss, author

Angela D. Moss

Rated Five Stars by Readers’ Favorite


What painting could they be talking about? What will it take for twelve-year-old Morgan to stop an art thief?

Morgan and her little brother, Brad, are used to traveling on their mother’s business trips. At first, the trip to Pittsburgh is no different — that is, until Morgan overhears a plot that could upend the art scene in the city. A thief and her accomplice plan to replace a famous painting — which one, Morgan isn’t yet sure — with a forgery!

Despite her mother’s urging to leave the sleuthing to the authorities, Morgan fears she doesn’t yet know enough details for the authorities to stop the heist. How can she find the right painting to give them more information? Now it is up to her — and in a race against time, she searches through Pittsburgh’s deep history and culture to find the right painting. She needs the perfect plan, and her brother’s cooperation, to visit all the locations that will help her quest.

Will Morgan’s mother stop her from trying to find the painting? Will Brad help his sister or stand between her and the answer? With such limited clues, can Morgan find the painting before it is too late?


This engaging middle-grade mystery will take every reader on a tour through the city of Pittsburgh as Morgan attempts to do what is right and stop the thief. While trying to solve the mystery, Morgan also navigates through the challenges faced by every person her age: additional independence, responsibilities, and a need to assert her own thoughts and concerns.


“…an interesting read and a real page-turner for young mystery fans”

– Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

“…an excellent tale for young readers everywhere”

– Lexie Fox for Readers’ Favorite

“…combines a children’s mystery story with a cultural experience of one of the oldest cities in the United States”

– Amy Powers for Readers’ Favorite

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